Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Returns:

All electronics carry a 1yr guarantee
Mug and Plate element
USB ports
Spare parts not installed by us

All items can be returned as long as they still sealed in original box.
Items need to never removed from packaging.
Not Printed
No machines can be returned after removing from original box.
No items can be returned after printing or broken during the print process.
No Machines may be returned if removed from the box.

Vinyls cut off the roll
Electronic parts for machines
Blades and Bladeholders
Cutting Strips
Transfer papers
Inks if opened

If you suspect any items are missing, please send pics and we will check our cameras. Our cameras record for 7days, after this we are unable to help with missing items.

All items especially mugs, clocks, etc need to
be checked for scratches and cracks before printing.
Printed items cannot be returned.
The Client carries the cost of Shipping.

Laser Engravers are checked & Tested before Dispatch.
They are also tested for Alignment.
During use at the clients property, the Alignment may go off
if the head is hit while inserting / Removing items from the machine,
Alignment is not under warranty.
Lasers can be aligned by the buyer, or will the laser can be sent to us
for Realignment at the buyers shipping cost. There is a cost charged to Realign

The Client carries the cost of Shipping.

Outside of Normal Use Policy
If an item or Machine purchased is used outside of Normal use or used for any application not specifically made for, then all warranties and returns will be void.
These items cannot be returned.